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Welcome to Groveland Lodge #190 F&AM ... There are no strangers here; Only friends you haven't yet met! ... 2B1ASK1 ... Making good men GREAT since 1910 ... ASK and it will be given to you ... SEEK and you will find ... KNOCK and the door shall be opened to you

My Brethren,

April showers bring May flowers according to my mother. So what do the three symbolic degrees of Masonry bring us?

We enter as lumps of clay, ever ready to be molded into the craft. Scared and alone, we are brought from darkness into light and then ever more light as we learn the working tools belonging to each degree and the stories of the Brothers before us. Then one day we are Master Masons.

What next? What do we do once we have passed the three degrees? It is now our responsibility to pass our knowledge, skill, and most importantly our Brotherly love to each other and those who will come after us. We still have roles to play on lifeís Trestleboard until the day we personally enter our eternal gates of Heaven. Whether it is by helping those in need at the Masonic home, teaching others the craft, compiling the records of the Lodge, or following the chairs, we all have taken upon ourselves an obligation that transcends simple recitation. We are Masonís for life.

I know that this is a reoccurring theme from the South this year, but I am humbled and honored to work with some outstanding Men and Masons; too many to list here. Groveland Lodge is a true leader in how Masonry should exist and itís members are of the highest caliber. Hopefully this will continue while I am here and long after I am gone.

Be well my Brothers, be blessed, and enjoy life. It is the only one you have. For those who are traveling this summer, be safe and know that there is a Home waiting for you in Groveland. As always, I am at the will of the Brethren and the Worshipful Master with any comments or suggestions!


Bro. Kirk Mugler